eSIM activation

Before activate eSIM, Please check if your device is eSIM compatible.
If you have already chosen a plan and paid
On the activation date you will receive an email including your new phone number. Once you have received this email Please:
Power down the mobile device
Insert the PhoneBox SIM card (or scan eSIM)
Restart the device - Services are now available!
To register new services, please sign up by following the steps below :
Click <Plans>
Select the plan you would like to use and click on <eSIM>
Click <Purchase> to proceed with activation.
Personal Information
Please fill out the personal information, ensuring accuracy. Make sure to fill out every information in English.
Port In
If you have a Canada number and want to keep using the number
If you don’t have a Canada number or want to have a new number
Choose the activation date you would like to start your services
And click on <Next>
If it is Monthly plan, Please check Prorated Fee on the pop-up.
Check your plan details and click the check box that you’ve read and understand the terms. Click <Proceed to Checkout>.
Select your payment method
If you choose Credit card to pay, please put your card number, name on the card, expiration date and CVV correctly. *Check the box ‘Save for Auto Payment’, if you would like to pay automatically every month.
You have now completed the registration for your new Phonebox Services!

Enjoy your new PhoneBox services!