Can’t set up auto payment

Add card information
Make sure that you have canceled the current auto-payment file under the self-serve profile.
After you cancel the auto-payment, you are able to set up new credit card information under the profile.
Add Bank account

Set up & modify Bank account

If you are setting up a Bank account for the auto-payment, the self-serve account will allow you to change from the 1st to the 13th and from the 27th to the end of the month.
Change the information by stating PAD is not allowed to be updated, changed, or modified during the billing cycle as well.
Our system will block the profile change for the Bank account of the information from the 16th to the 25th of each month.

PAD form

Change the information by stating PAD is not allowed to be updated, changed, or modified during the billing cycle.
What is a bank PAD form?
A pre-authorized debit allows the biller to withdraw money from your bank account when a payment is due Pre-authorized debits may be useful when you want to make payments from your account on a regular basis.
Please show the image of the PAD submission form on self-serve, make sure that your submission of the PAD form was correct before setting up the Bank account for the auto-payment.
What does the PAD form look like?
What are non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees?
Non-sufficient funds (NSF), or insufficient funds, is the status of a checking account that does not have enough money to cover all transactions. NSF also describes the fee charged when a check is presented but cannot be covered by the balance in the account.
Then $25 NFS (non sufficient fund) fee will be posted under your account if the bank foresee the transactions as declined which can be due to insufficient fund, incorrect bank submission information etc. Additional fee will also be charged on the direct bank account. For more information, please feel free to contact your bank to confirm.
If the problem you are experiencing is not resolved by following this guideline, please contact the PhoneBox customer support team for further assistance.
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