What is eSIM?

An eSIM QR code contains a digital SIM that lets you access a cellular plan without inserting a physical SIM card. This eSIM QR code also allows you to use up to two phone numbers on selected smartphones. You can install more than 8 eSIMs in you iPhone.
However, not all devices are eSIM compatible. Please make sure to check if your device supports eSIM before applying for activation.
To successfully activate an eSIM on your device, you will need the following:
A device that supports eSIM technology.
A PhoneBox eSIM QR code.
A Wi-Fi network connection.
Note: iPhone 14 and later models that are eSIM-only can be activated without a Wi-Fi network.
Please ensure that you have these requirements in place before proceeding with the activation process.
When can I receive my QR code?
Your QR code will be sent to you via email with the number on the service start date that you have specified.