Port in

Bring your existing phone number to PhoneBox!
You can keep the same number you already have with another carrier and enjoy our Services!
Follow the port in steps when activating PhoneBox SIM Card
Step 1- Go to our website, insert the PhoneBox SIM card number and move forward to choose a plan.
Step 2 - When filling up your personal information, you will find the question box asking: Do you want to port in your number? Please, select yes.
Step 3 - Now, input your phone number, current provider name and your account number. (Your account number might be available in your previous invoices or in the online account you have with your current carrier. If you can’t find it, please contact their customer service to request it)
Attention! Do not cancel your line before you Port In to PhoneBox, as we need your number to be active for the transfer to be successfully completed.
Step 4- On the selected activation date we will request your current provider to transfer the line. Please keep their SIM card in your device, because they will send you an SMS asking for a confirmation which you must reply within 90 minutes.
Step 5- In the meantime, you will have a temporary phone number on the PhoneBox SIM card, if you’d like to use our services while the Port In is under processing. Once it is completed, your phone number will be transferred to that SIM card and finally you will be officially part of the PhoneBox family!
Where to find my account number? Check your bill from current mobile provider or call to your current mobile provider to provide account number.
Scroll through the files below to see the information.
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