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If you can’t complete the sign-up, please follow the instructions.

Phone Number

Check your Phone Number You will receive an email from us on the service start date containing your phone number. Email title for Monthly plan: Your phone number is here! Email title for Prepaid plan: Here is your phone number! If the message says 'Phone number has already been registered, please sign in,' it means that you have already signed up in the past. If you are unsure, try selecting 'Forgot password' to check for any associated information with your online account.


Check if your current email is : matching the one in the activation if it is a duplicate account
If there is more than one account registered with the same email, please change either account to another email address. One email can be signed up under one PhoneBox Number. Please contact the PhoneBox customer support team to change your email.


Upon setting up your password, we will send a verification code to your email with the subject line 'PhoneBox Verification Code.' Please check your inbox. The code will expire after 10 minutes. In case you are unable to enter the code within that time frame, you may use the 'Resend code' function after waiting 60 seconds from your initial attempt.
If the problem you are experiencing is not resolved by following this guideline, please contact the PhoneBox customer support team for further assistance.
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