Vacation Plan

What is the Vacation Plan?
The Vacation Plan is a temporary suspension service that allows you to pause your plan and keep your number while you are away from Canada.
Rules of the Vacation Plan
It can only be applied on a monthly basis, from the 2nd of the month to the 1st of the next month.
You can use it for a maximum of three consecutive months within a year.
You cannot use three months split across different periods within a year.
You can reapply for the Vacation Plan six months after it ends.
When the Vacation Plan ends, your plan will automatically be reactivated to the last plan you used.
The next month's fees will be billed when the Vacation Plan begins, and payment is requested. This charge will be applied to your telephone bill for the month in which the Vacation Plan ends and reactivation occurs.
To apply for the Vacation Plan, you must apply by the 28th of the month in order for it to take effect from the 2nd of the next month.
If you reactivate during the vacation plan period, the full monthly fee will be billed.
How to set up a vacation plan?
Navigate to the PhoneBox website or launch the app.
Log in to your account.
Locate and select the Plan menu.
Select the option to <Set up a vacation plan>
Click the button <Set up vacation plan>
Select the date on which you would like the vacation to take effect and resume the service. Then, click <confirm> to proceed.
Confirm the vacation plan by selecting <Yes> on the confirmation pop-up.
If you can see the Upcoming Changes section on the Home menu, the vacation plan has been set up successfully.