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What is Friends referral reward?
Spread the PhoneBox Love!
Invite your friends and family to join the PhoneBox family, and both of you will get rewarded! When your loved ones sign up through your referral, both of you will receive special credits on your bills!
So why wait?
Start sharing and start saving today!
The amount of credit to be applied depends on the new activated plan:
For Monthly Plans below $40 value is eligible for a $20 Referral Credit.
For Monthly Plans above $40 value is eligible for a $30 Referral Credit.
For Prepaid Plans exclude 7 days short term plans - $5 Referral Credit.
How to get a Benefit?
Log in to your PhoneBox account via App or website.
Scroll down to see the friends referral banner!
Click ‘Term & Conditions and Privacy Statement’ under <Let’s go> button.
Click ‘Term & Conditions and Privacy Statement’ under <Let’s go> button.
Check the terms & Conditions and click the red <Yes, I agree> button.
Back to the banner and click <Let’s go> button.
Share your own referrer activation link to your family and friends!
*To earn the Friends Referral Reward, the Referee must activate a plan through the Referrer activation link.
Condition of the friends referral
The Referrer is an existing PhoneBox customer with an active, good-standing account.
Referrers can't refer themselves or get credit for adding a new line to their own account.
The Referee is a new customer joining PhoneBox upon an existing customer's invitation.
Both the Referrer and Referee need different service starting dates. For example, if the Referrer starts on January 1st, the Referee must start from January 2nd onward.
If a new customer is registered under a partner, they aren't eligible for the referral reward.
Referral credits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
Accounts that are terminated or suspended during the credit application process will have their referral credit request declined.
Referrals between the same account holder are invalid.
Feel free to Contact us if you have any question about the friends referral!
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