Billing cycle

Monthly Plan
Billing Cycle
2nd of each month to the 1st of the following month
Invoice issue Date
15th of each month
Payment Period
15th to 25th of each month
If you want to continuously use our services from July 2nd to August 1st, the invoice will be sent on June 15th. And you need to pay before June 25th.
If payment is not made within the payment period, you will be charged a 5% penalty on the next invoice.
If payment is not made before the start of the next cycle, your number will be suspended, and a $20 penalty will be applied for reactivation after payment.
Prepaid Plan
Billing Cycle
30 days (7days) / depends on the plan you choose.
You need to pay before service end date.
Your number will be removed after the service ends if you don’t extend your plan for the next term.